Sometimes, when your heart hurts, violence is the sweetest refuge.


  • TITLE: Radical Camp
  • GENRE: Short-film
  • CAMERA OPERATOR: Michele Senesi
  • CAMERA OPERATOR: Roberto Pignataro
  • SOUND RECORDIST: Mauri Mines
  • MUSIC: Ochelie Sorochi
  • DISTRIBUTION: Work in progress

In the near future, after a global pandemic, ultra-nationalist parties will rise to power in many countries.

Giulia and Laura led monotonous lives in a Suburban city of the future, where nothing interesting happens. The monotony of their powerless lives is interrupted by self-destructive challenges acted against themselves and posted on the web. 

One day, the young girls decide to participate in a summer camp, organized by the new political party in power. From that moment, an unknown world, characterized by ideology and extremism, overwhelms their lives in a dramatic, unexpected and unpredictable way. Laura and Giulia then begin to act against foreigners, the same violence, which they used to act on themselves.

“Radical Camp” is a psychological and introspective story, set in a next and hypothetical future world, very close to the painful present in which a lot of adolescents live today.

It shows how xenophobia and ideological extremism can be reflected with unforeseen and negative consequences in the life and in the vulnerable minds of two adolescents.


A narcissistic and dystopian society of the future, characterized by xenophobia and ideological extremism, is the scene in which lives of two fragile adolescents are upset.
The short-film is the testimony of an identity and existential void, of a youthful violence, acted and displayed on the web, a violence carried out against those who are perceived as different from themselves. 

In a perverse world characterized by ultra nationalist ideology, the reconstruction of boundaries is fomented, in order to separate individuals, people and nations.
In this scenario, the protagonist, affectively and socially isolated, attempts, through prevarication, to give a meaning to her life, she unconsciously tries to recreate inner psychic boundaries that give shape to her identity, in an attempt not to get lost oneself. 

In the story, the timeless landscapes of the Adriatic coast are the manifest echo of the inner bewilderment of the protagonist and of the loss of her unheard soul that, sacrificed on the altar of ideology, transcends the sacred and immobile beauty of the sea-line.

Radical Camp | Sara Reginella