A psychologist turns the video-camera. Leaves her office and goes to the war-front.


  • TITLE: Start Up a War. Psiychology of a conflict
  • GENRE: Documentary feature
  • DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Sara Reginella, Ruptly video News Agency, Eliseo Bertolasi, Sergey Rulev
  • MUSIC: Banda Bassotti, Oceans on the Moon
  • DISTRIBUTION: Premiere Film

"Start Up a War. Psychology of a conflict" is a documentary about the point of view of a psychologist, who leaves her office in order to go to a war front, in Donbass region.

By understanding those mechanisms that lie behind the outbreak of a war, with unpublished images and documents, a psychological model is brought to light. This model applies to geo-political conflicts evaluating tools proper to interpersonal conflicts between people, and it is generalizable to other wars based on manipulation and destabilization systems founded on processes of external interference.


Handy-cam in an immediate and smart style, the idea of the documentary comes from the need to provide a reference model that gives the public the opportunity to approach to the news of the mainstream media in a more aware and critical way, combining geopolitical analysis of events with the psychological-relational. Generalizable to other wars based on manipulation and destabilization systems founded on processes of external interference, "Start Up a War" contains an original model structured, returning from the front, by Sara Reginella, psychologist, psychotherapist and director of the documentary.


Festival de Cine Indipendente de Salto

Salto, Uruguay
October 18, 2018 Casa Cultura de Salto, Zorrilla de San Martin, 545, Salto, Uruguay
Winner “Best Documentary Feature”

Festival Internacional de Cine de Medellin – Fest Medallo

Medellin, Colombia
February 17, 2019 Centro Cultural La Candelaria, Carrera 51, #521 Medellin
Winner “Best Documentary Feature”

“Euro Fest” European International Film Festival  

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
May 2018

The Golden Unicorn Awards & Russian Film Week

London, United Kingdom
Golden Unicorn Nomination 2018 “Best Foreign Documentary about Russia”

Virgin Spring Cinefest 

Kolkata, India
November 29, 2018 Indian Museum (ABC Auditorium), Jawaharlal Nehru Road 27, Fire Brigade Head Quarter, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata.
Winner "Gold Award" (monthly edition, June 2018) + Golden Galaxy Award Nomination

Oniros Film Awards  

Aosta, Italy
Winner as ”Best Voice Over" (July monthly edition, 2018) and honorable mention “Best of Year 2019”, category ”Best Voice Over"

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival  

Kolkata, India
January 16, 2019 Rotary Club Sadan, Chowringhee Road
Winner "Outstanding Achievement Award" (June-August 2018 edition) + Golden Fox Award Nomination

Cult Critic Movie Awards  

Kolkata, India
September 16, 2018 Rotary Club Sadan, Chowringhee Road
Winner "Outstanding Achievement Award" (July-August 2018 edition) + Jean Luc Godard Award Nomination

Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival  

Moscow, Russian Federation
Winner "Best Documentary" (July 2018 monthly edition) 

Moscow Indie Film Festival

Moscow, Russian Federation
Winner as "Best Vertov Woman Filmmaker 2018" 

International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra

Ierapetra, Crete – Greece
August 6, 2019
Official selection

KinoDuel International Film Festival 

Podolsk, Russian Federation
September 2018
Special mention

Sose International Film Festival  

Yerevan, Armenia
October 5, 2018 Article 3 Club, Tumanyan Str. 26 A, Yeravan
Official selection

Saratov Suffering Film Festival

Saratov, Russian Federation
May 18, 2019 Dom Kino, Oktyabrskaya 43
Official selection

Respect Human Rights Film Festival  

Belfast, United Kingdom
August, 9 2018 An Culturlann (Taisceamar)
Official selection

Maykop International Film Festival 

Maykop, Russian Federation
July 20, 2018 Maykopskaya Ulitsa, 67
Official selection

Feodosiya International Film Festival  

Feodosiya, Russian Federation
August 4, 2018 Modern Cinema Civilization, Pr-Ti. K. Aiavazovsky, 45B
Official selection

Chambal International Film Festival

Mumbai, India
January 12-13 2019, UIT Auditorium, Balaji Market, Kota, Rajasthan, India
Official selection

Mediterranean Film Festival  

Siracusa, Italy
May 2018
Official selection

Canal De Panama International Film Festival  

San Francisco, Panama
August 16-19, 2018 Casa de Las Artes Visuales
Official selection 

Cine Pobre Film Festival

Miguel Aleman 79, La Paz, Mexico
May, 2-5 2019
Official selection

Start up a war | Sara Reginella